lecture 6 video:  https://youtu.be/90V-gDR0q74

After watching NT-308 Mark L6 video lecture; Students are to answer the following questions:

1. What was mot surprising to you about the chapter (Mark 6)? Explain your answer!
2. Why do you think people doubted Jesus? Why did you suppose Jesus disregarded his home town? Do you think the people of Jesus’ hometown had a legitimate reason to doubt him?
3. Which story in Mark 6 was most relatable to you? Or in other words, in which story did you find yourself in? Explain your answer!
4. What most impresses you about Jesus’ journey so far (Mark 6)? Explain your answer!
5. Why do think Mark finds it necessary to tell us what happened to John the Baptize?
6. What conclusion do you suppose the church in Roman (the original audience) would have taken away from Mark 6?

Mark 7
1. In light of the video, what do you understand Jesus to being saying in regards to the Pharisees that worship God with their lips but their hearts are far from him? Explain your answer!

2. Why do you suppose Jesus answers the woman with the possessed little girl the way he does? What’s your personal interpretation of that? What are your thoughts about that interaction Jesus has with that woman?

Mark 8
1. What did you understand from the feeding of the 4,000? In other words, what was the significance of it for you? Explain your answer!
2. Do you see a connection between the feeding of the 4,000 to the Pharisees’ asking Jesus for a sign? If so, explain what you think it is! If not, explain what you think the Pharisees are trying to do by asking Jesus this request!
3. Why do think Jesus asked his disciples who people say he was? What is your personal perception of Peter making the a declaration of Jesus as the Messiah to Jesus rebuking Peter to “get behind me Satan”?

Mark 9
1. What do you believe the transfiguration moment was about?
2. Why do you suppose Jesus calls his disciples a “faithless generation”? Why do you suppose the disciples could not help the boy?
3. What do you understand about Jesus saying the Kingdom of God must be received as a child?
4. When Jesus talks about “cutting off a hand that causes you to sin for it is better to enter into the kingdom of God with only one hand than be thrown into Hell with two”; do you think that was to be take literally? Explain your answer!

Mark 10
1. What do you believe is the connection between Jesus explaining sin in the form of adultery to the man who calls Jesus “good teacher”?
2. Why do you suppose Jesus says that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than the rich to enter the Kingdom of God? What is Jesus overall solution to this dilemma?
3. What is the difference between Jesus saying to James and John “what do you want me to do for you” compared to Jesus asking the blind man the same question? What do you personally get out of this story form the disciples to the blind man?


1. Which story of Mark chapter 11 stood out to you the most and why?

2. Why do you think Jesus curses the fig tree? What impression do you get from that act done by Jesus? What is your reaction to that story?

3. What was most impactful about Mark Chapter 12? Explain your answer!

4. What is the significance about the story of paying taxes to Caesar? Why do suppose Mark includes this story in his book? What do you believe should be the take away for the hearers of this story? Explain your answer!

5. Why do you suppose so many people hate Jesus? Why do they want to kill him so badly?

6. What impression do you get about Jesus driving out the merchants in the temple? Do you think Jesus should have done that? Why do you think his house is a house of pray for all nations?

7. From these two chapters, how is the messianic secret beginning to reveal itself? Where do you suppose Mark is going with all this? Explain your answer!

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