1) Land improvements are depreciable assets.
2) Which of the following is not a depreciable asset?
3) Expenditures to maintain the operating efficiency and expected productive life of the unit are expensed as incurred.
4) What is depreciation?
5) Cuso Company purchased equipment on January 1 2016 at a total invoice cost of $400000. The equipment has an estimated salvage value of $10000 and an estimated useful life of 5 years. What is the amount of accumulated depreciation at December 31 2017 if the straight-line method of depreciation is used?
6) When there is a change in estimated depreciation
7) On June 1 2017 Brislin Company sold some equipment for $22000. The original cost was $80000 the estimated salvage value was $8000 and the expected useful life was 8 years. The equipment was fully depreciated. How much is the gain or loss on the sale
8) Given the following account balances at year end how much is amortization expense on Anisha Enterprises income statement for the current year if Anisha thinks all of its intangibles should be amortized over ten years?
9) Walk Cos average total assets are $200000 net sales total to $100000 and net income is $40000. How much net income did Walk Co generate for each dollar of assets invested?
10) Schneider Trucking Inc. purchased a new semi-truck on January 1 2016 for $200000. Its useful life is expected to be 4 years and its salvage value is estimated at $25000. What is the depreciation for 2017 using the declining-balance method at double the straight-line rate?

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