QuestionQuestion 11 ptsWhich of the following statements is (are) false regarding the direct method of allocating service department costs?(A) The selection of an allocation base in the direct method is easier than the selection of an allocation base in the step method.(B) Once an allocation is made from a service department using the direct method no further allocations are made back to that department.Both A and B are false.Neither A nor B is falseOnly B is false.Only A is false.Question 21 ptsWhich of the following statements is (are) true regarding the master budget?(A) A master budget consists of (a) organizational goals (b) strategic long-range profit plan and (c) tactical short-range profit plan.(B) A master budget consists of a budgeted (a) income statement (b) balance sheet and (c) stockholder’s equity statement.Neither A nor B is true.Both A and B are true.Only B is true.Only A is true.Question 31 ptsRelative performance evaluations (RPE) are not designed torestate departmental goals so meaningful comparisons can be made.remove the effect of environmental factors that are beyond a manager’s divisions with other comparable managers to other comparable managers.Question 41 ptsPardee Company makes 30% of its sales for cash and 70% on account. 60% of the account sales are collected in the month of sale 25% in the month following sale and 12% in the second month following sale. The remainder is uncollectible. The following information has been gathered for Pardee’s first year of operations:Month 1 2 3 4Total sales $60000 $70000 $50000 $30000Total cash receipts in Month 3 will be$51510.$50000.$53290.$52200.Question 51 ptsWhich of the following is a weakness of the step method of service cost allocations?Computations are more complex than the reciprocal method.The order of service department allocation has to be determined.All intradepartmental services are ignored.All interdepartmental services are ignored.Some user departments are ignored.Question 61 ptsThe controllability concept states that managers should be held responsible forfixed compensation items but not contingent compensation itemsonly items that are allocated to their divisions on a per-unit basis.costs and revenues but not investments in assets used in their division.all items over which they have decision-making authority.Question 71 ptsIn developing a master budget for a manufacturing company which one of the following items should be done first?preparation of a pro forma income statement.determination of the advertising budget.determination of manufacturing capacity.development of the capital budget.development of a sales budget.Question 81 ptsWhich of the following budgets is not required in a service organization?marketing and administrative expensescost of goods soldlaborsalescashQuestion 91 ptsWhich of the following best describes the objective of joint cost allocation?Making decisions about raw materials requirements.Making decisions about levels of production.Pricing goods for sale.Inventory valuation.Question 101 ptsBeta Company is preparing its annual profit plan. As part of its analysis of the profitability of its customers management estimates that the $12000 for sales support should be assigned to the individual customers from the information given as follows:Customer A Customer BUnits purchased 100000 200000Purchase orders (annual) 5 20What is the amount of the sales support costs that should be allocated to Customer A assuming Beta uses activity-based costing (ABC)?$9600$8000$4000$2400

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