Please read all the requirement and do not plagiarism less grammar errors be creative organize and good content. You can use simple words but it need to be very clear and understandable.NOplagiarism
dont need to be perfect but must follow all the rules.
Read the case study and answer the questions:(Need to be >=600 words and can be less than 1000 words)
Prepare a marketing plan to turn around Yue Sai. In your marketing plan please answer the following questions:
1. What positioning do you recommend Yue Sai have in China? What are the pros and cons of a lifestyle positioning compared to a more concrete positioning on functional benefits? Who should be Yue Sai’s targeted customers?
2. Should Yue Sai be an independent brand or should it be linked in any way to Loreal brand? Why?
3. How will you choose the price promotion (objectives message mix of promotion methods) product (formulation and packaging) and distribution that will allow Yue Sai to reach both short-term and long-term goals?

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