Answer these 6 questions from the essay attachment please.
Objective: Analyze a sample paper according to the Stance Essay grading rubric.
What stance is the writer advocating in the essay? In other words what is the argument?
In the draft essay how would you describe the body paragraphs?
Top of Form
They are well organized but far too long.
They are the right length but out of order.
They seem sufficient in length and organization.
1.3Bottom of Form
Which of the following does the writer not support with an outside source?
how much urban greenspace Birmingham currently has
greenspaces increasing biodiversity
greenspaces can revitalize brownfields
greenspace access is plagued by inequality
According to the References row of the rubric to what category do you think the stance draft belongs?
Top of Form
Meets Minimum Expectations
Bottom of Form
What are your thoughts on the strength of the draft essays conclusion?
In reading this draft which area of this line of the rubric do you think the writer struggles with the most?
Top of Form
Clarity (being easily understood)
Writing mechanics (spelling/grammar)
POV (point of view)
Formatting requirements (APA style)
Bottom of Form

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