Health care reengineering helps organizations prioritize services and provide cost-effective cost effective care. Nurse managers as first line leaders have a responsibility to induce changes in the clinical environment (Fukahori & Kodama, 2017). Nurse managers and leaders contribute to reengineering by advocating for their staff and patients, making sure the work environment is safe, finding resources for staff, and introducing new policies and procedures. These nurse managers and leaders collect detailed information about their departments and promote the necessary changes needed. By using innovative ideas and practices, they create new knowledge, develop new policies and practices, improve quality of care, and advance health information technology (Joyner et al, 2016). Nurse managers are leaders who play an important role in creating and fostering an environment that encourages innovation and change (Joyner et al, 2016)

Respond to the above write up.  Support your response with peer reviewed articles.

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