Please label both sections

PArt 1:

For this forum, I want you to pick a side (for or against) cloning. Using scientific resources (Wikipedia is NOT a credible source), defend your argument. You CANNOT use your personal or religious beliefs when defending your position. If you do, you will NOT receive credit. You must cite any references you use (just copy and paste the website, article name, etc.).

Part 2:

Bone Disorders Forum
Two part forum:
Part 1:
Choose a bone disease or disorder and post one fact about it. Cite your source (Wikipedia is NOT credible). You can copy and paste the URL or article link.
Part 2:
Choose at least one other disorder posted by a classmate and add a fact about that disorder under their original post. Cite your source. You can copy and paste the URL or article link.

-X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH) is usually diagnosed in childhood with children who present features like bowed or bent legs, short stature, bone pain, and severe dental pain

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