You will be creating a PowerPoint presentation based on Hypothesis testing that you have done on sample data sources, these can be ones that you have created or researched, for example, ERA of baseball players in MLB for 2020 season.

You will need to present to me the following:
One-Sample Test
– Data Set – you will need at least 20 samples. Explain why you have chosen this data and why you will be testing it.
– Create your Null and Alternative hypotheses, this will be up to you if you going to test equal greater than or less than
– Create your own level of significance
– Give me the Mean, Mode, Median, Variance, and Standard  Deviation of your sample data
– What will be the critical value of your test data, should you use z value or t value, if it is t value make sure to include degrees of freedom calculation
– Test your data and what result did you receive, are you going to reject or not reject the null hypothesis
– Interpret what these results mean.

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