When faced with a difficult decision or set of decisions, as in teen pregnancy, creating a decision-making worksheet can be a valuable tool. This is similar to making a pros and cons list which you may already do. For this assignment, you will all be writing about teen pregnancy. Instructions: In a paragraph or two, define the problem. Consider the alternative ways to address the problem. Write about all that you can think of, but you are required to identify at least four. Next, consider both the positive and negative consequences of each option. Discuss at least two positive and two negative consequences for each alternative. Then discuss your values that most relevant to the decision. Some of these values may conflict with the others, or conflict with family, community, or cultural values. The point here is not to make judgments on which values are right or wrong but to focus on your individual values, how you define them, and how they impact your decision. Write a list of other people who may be impacted by any of the alternatives/decisions. Finally, based on all the above, what do you feel is the best decision for you in this scenario? After identifying your best option, please discuss how it felt to complete this process. What was challenging? How does this help to provide insight into the decision-making process of people in crisis? Requirements: Submit a Word document in APA format. Maximum 2 pages in length, excluding the Title and Reference pages. At least two resources, in addition to the course textbook. 

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