As we watched the documentary film The Queen of Versailles we were introduced to the family and relationship dynamics of Jackie and David Siegel along with their lavish lifestyle. For this essay you will examine the relationship between economic classes and develop your own ideas about ONE of the following questions:
You must choose one question.
-Why do lower economic classes idolize the wealthy?
-What is causing the increasing divide between the economic classes?
-Does money change us and what are those changes psychologically?
-What effect does wealth have on the family structure and environment?
Use your critical thinking skills to develop a clear and concise thesis statement and use evidence to support your thesis. Develop your ideas by examining the topic and ideology that could connect such as psychological or economic factors. You have the option of using the film as the framework of your argument or using it as supportive evidence you have observed.
Essay Requirements:
1000 Word Minimum
Five MLA Sources Minimum
Choose two to three provided sources
Choose two to three new sources
Provide an argumentative thesis statement
Support each main idea with at least two points of research
The only sources and articles that should be used in this work. Shown below;

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