Cause/Effect or Proposal Argument Essay
The Specifics this applies to BOTH option A or B
Must be 3-4 pages double spaced
Times New Roman 12 pt font
Hook and Title
Sources: Must include at least three acceptable sources with proper in-text citation and a Works Cited page (APA or MLA)
On your paper heading on the left hand side indicate the type of essay: Cause Effect or Proposal)
Option A: Cause OR Effect Argument Essay
Explain and argue the causes of a particular situation (an event a phenomenon or a trend) that interests you. Narrow your topic enough to treat it in some detail and provide more than a mere list of causes.
In a nutshell:
Argue the causes of your particular topic identifying the main and contributory causes
Use researched evidence (including direct quotes) to support your claims.
In addition to simply arguing the cause of a particular topic you will need to backup your assertions with researched evidence. You will have to research your topic to find evidence that helps you argue your cause(s).
You are free to choose your own topic. You are also welcome to write an EFFECT essay (its one or the other for this assignment; do not write a cause and effect essay). Structuring a Cause OR Effect Argument
Here is a general template to work off as youre putting your paper together:
*Note: your thesis should state the MAJOR cause or effect of your situation/topic. But this thesis will be preceded with a line to briefly mention your contributory causes (two should be good for this paper length) in order to set up the paper properly.
Introduction explain the need to examine the causes or consider effects
o Include a line about contributory causes. Then state your thesis which should include the major cause. For example: Family disputes and the hassle of traveling are among some of the reasons why people dread the holidays. Above all else/by far/it is clear that unrealistic expectations are one of the primary/major causes of holiday stress.
Background on the topic
Refutation of opposing arguments (this could be combined with Background in one paragraph)
Contributory causes or effects discuss less important causes or effects with ONE SOURCE
Major cause or effect – discuss major causes or effects with AT LEAST TWO SOURCES
Option B: Proposal Argument
This essay should do two things:
Convince me that a problem does in fact exist and is need of a solution
o Go into detail about the problem; who does it affect what is the relevant history and background give me some context whats at stake here if nothing happens. Make it real hard-hitting and persuasive enough to have a reader (me) care about this particular problem
o One of your sources should provide evidence for this problem
Offer a solution that is practical and worthwhile
o Be clear about the benefits of your solution and think about how you can address the following:
o Youre not necessarily proposing an original solution to a problem youre picking one among many existing proposed options or you can certainly come up with a hybrid of ideas or something entirely new that could still have elements backed up by research.
Picking a Topic
You can make either a practical proposal for a specific local problem or a policy proposal that addresses a broader issue. You may write on any topic you wish but make sure that you can deal with it adequately in a 4 page paper.
General structure
*denotes where you should include one of your three sources
Title: You can be creative or stick with A Proposal to ____
Introduction hook context and thesis
*Explanation of the Problem what is it; why does it need to be solved
*Explanation of Solution your proposed solution
*Evidence in support of your Solution use sources here
Benefits in support of your Solution who does it impact how give me numbers and heartwarming stuff here
Refutation of Opposing Arguments address objections to the proposal
(((pleasdon’t forgetthe topic and tohighlight thesis statement and tounderline purpose statementandboldethics)))

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