For this Unit 4 assignment you will prepare an APA-formatted essay of at least 500 words reflecting the opposing view of the topic that you selected in Unit 3.
When preparing an informative or expository essay it is important to identify multiple perspectives. Investigating all sides of a topic enables you to interpret a larger picture and prepare logical content. In Unit 3 you selected a topic question determined a viewpoint and created your assignment based on that viewpoint. For Unit 4 you will write an APA-formatted essay on the opposite viewpoint of your selected topic.
Specifically your submission must include the following:
Your submission should contain proper APA formatting in addition to the title and abstract pages. APA formatting for margins spacing font style size running head and page numbers should be observed. For assistance with APA format including citations and references revisit your intellipath nodes on APA read Chapter 3 of your textbook and review APA materials provided in the AIU Library and Learning Lab. Visit theAPA Web sitefor detailed free tutorials.
Please note:Citations and references are not required for this assignment. However if you use quotes or paraphrase ideas that are not your own be sure to provide in text citations and the aligned references.
For assistance with your assignment please practice and revise your intellipath nodes and use your text Web resources and all course materials.
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