Format: Times New Roman, 12″ font, double spaced, saved as word document 

Length: 800 words (be concise!)

This paper will require you to conduct independent research and then analyze what you researched in terms of course material (Lesson 11a/b/c). For the case, research and write about each of the following: 

Describe the organization: its history, community (the people it serves), and objectives

Describe the selected cause: its history in relation to South Asians in the U.S. 

Analyze the organization’s political strategy: discuss the different approaches to advocacy, solidarity with other groups (reference Richman and other sources) 

Bonus points for incorporating course concepts, such as colonialism, immigration policy, multiculturalism, diaspora, into the paper. 


Cite at least 4 sources (1 from course readings, such as Richman, 3 from outside of class – articles listed on the previous page). You are not required to seek out additional materials (not listed on previous page).  

Make a references list at end of paper. Use this guide:

(Use the “Online Resources” guide for newspaper articles and any articles/blogs on organization’s website) 

For publications with no easily identifiable author(s), you may cite the organization name that published it. For instance, for the Case #4 Report on Desis Rising Up and Moving, “Building Power and Safety through Solidarity” you should cite it as (DRUM 2020). 

Do NOT use block quotes. Block quote are 4 lines of quote or longer. 

Do not cite lectures

Main paper uploaded to the sweetstudy.

Case: Adhikaar – fight for TPS

Organization website:

Background on TPS: ,  

Adhikaar action on TPS: Download Research Report on TPS (link to pdf report),  , , ,

Background on Adhikaar’s neighborhood: (Queens, NY)

News stories on Adhikaar: , ,

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