Environment in the News ES 200
Student guideline:
I want you to do two different assignments both assignments should be approximately two double-spaced pages in length. So total of 4 pages two different topics two different files. I provided the three chapters for this week these two assignment should be related to the course topics for this week. I also added a sample for the Environment in the news so you can have an idea how this assignment looks like.
Professor guideline:
You will complete two Environment in the News log activities per week for each of the four weeks. Each log entry must describe an environmental event that has happened since June 1 2015 is tied in some way to human effects on the environment and is related to the course topics covered in the textbook for that week. A good log entry describes the event explains why the event caught the students interest relates the event to specific course content in the textbook and is based on a strong reference source. The event can be something that humans did to the environment or something that the environment did to humans (as long as humans had a role in creating the event); it can also be release of new data or studies on topics related to the impact of humans on the environment. Because environmental science is a broad umbrella (see Chapter 1) it includes the social sciences as well as the physical and biological sciences; consequently log entries can also include social science topics related to human impact on the environment. Sample data sources are provided on the course Moodle site. Log entries should be approximately two double-spaced pages in length.

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