Option #2: Scientific Inquiry Presentation Using WildCam Gorongosa
Gorongosa National Park is a 1570-square mile protected area in Mozambique. Lion researcher Paola Bouley and her team use motion-detecting trail cameras to learn more about Gorongosas lions. Lions are not the only animal captured by these cameras. The photos provide valuable information on a variety of different animals including numbers to help estimate populations behaviors and interactions with other animals. The public has identified animals and collected data from the photos on a citizen science website called WildCam Gorongosa (www.wildcamgorongosa.org). The WildCam Lab is a part of WildCam Gorongosa where you can view trail camera data on a map and filter and download the data to investigate scientific questions.
The process of science termed the scientific method is iterative and adaptable.
In this activity you will learn firsthand what it is like to be an ecologist studying Gorongosas wildlife. You will use actual trail camera data to generate a testable question form a hypothesis and prediction and choose and analyze the appropriate data to answer your question from the WildCam Lab. The results of your investigation may contribute to the conservation effort in Gorongosa National Park.
The above text taken nearly verbatim from Student Worksheet which can be downloaded from http://www.hhmi.org/biointeractive/scientific-inquiry-using-wildcam-gorongosa.Complete the worksheet and use the information to create your PowerPoint presentation and submit it in the Module 1 Folder.

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