Please respond to this response to a article about population control. I agree with what the student is saying. 200 words or more.
Population Control
Well talk about a different cause and cure to global climate change. This article speaks about a group of researchers that are advocating for family planning that will empower women using women-centered rights approach and saving the environment. This approach allows the woman to choose the timing and spacing of having children. Planned Parenthood?
The global population is approximately 7.2 billion and is expected to be 9.6 billion by 2050 and there is concern that the increasing population will overwhelm resources while efforts to control fertility will conserve resources such as greenhouse gas emissions. Population control according to this article will improve communities maternal and child welfare.
In agreeing that there needs to be some efforts placed on population growth and there is a legitimate argument that the rapid increase in population at some point will outweigh resources available I disagree that this approach along with most others solely targets women. Education health information and services should equally include men with the understanding that pregnancy takes a male and a female and avoiding pregnancy is no longer the sole responsibility of the woman. Studies show that adolescent boys and men have a desire to know more about resources available to them and if provided they are more likely to use contraceptives.

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