For this assignment you will need to find 5 sources for your paper. At least four need to come from hard copy sources. One of your sources (hard copy or otherwise) needs to reflect an alternate view to your thesis. Up to two sources may derive from online (web) content but must be approved professional websites.
You will need to:
Write and introduction to your paper with a soft thesis.
Read the articles and write three fully developed paragraphs that
summarize the article. The first sentence of this paragraph should include the authors name the title of the article and a direct quotation OR paraphrase of the thesis/theme of the work.
analyze how well the author writes the article. Is it clearly presented? What sort of statistics or facts make the article authoritative etc.
discuss how the articles (after article 1) connect to each other. You might use a chain technique in order to show the relationship between sources.
By the end of your paper the reader should have a clear understanding of what your topic is and how others within your field understand/argue about this topic. It should show how you are situated within this argument on the topic that you have chosen. The discussion of the articles should be the bulk of your paper. At least a paragraph should be spent on each.
3. Conclude by noting trends and relevance to your future project.
4. Your documentation style for this paper MUST be APA.
Thesis and Development:
Clearly defined and logical thesis
Thesis supported through clear reasoning explanation and evidence
Considered various perspectives on the issue (from one article)
Clear and logical organizational format
Coherent and clear paragraphs (use of topic sentences and logical development)
Effective use of transitions between paragraphs
Appropriate language and tone
Standard American English
No sentence fragments run-ons or comma splices
No misspellings (including homophones)
Correct punctuation
Documentation: You will want to use a combination of 5 paraphrases/direct quotations with at least two of each. For this paper you will be using APA citation format. Please note if you are quoting or paraphrasing the thesis/them this pretty much cover the basic requirement.
Correctly use at least two paraphrases
Correctly use at least two quotations
Correctly write a Works Cited page Include copied articles. You must have five sources.
at least 7-10 full pages not including block quotations or works cited page
Introduction = last sentence must be the thesis
Map = umbrella statement Article A B C D E transition.
Article A = summary + Thesis + DQ + Paraphrases + Analyses + No synthesis
Article B = summary + Thesis + DQ + Paraphrases + Analyses + synthesis A+B
Article C = summary + Thesis + DQ + Paraphrases + Analyses + synthesis C+A C+B
Article D = summary + Thesis + DQ + Paraphrases + Analyses + synthesis D+A D+B D+C
Article E = summary + Thesis + DQ + Paraphrases + Analyses + E+A E+B E+C E+D.
Also I m going to upload my outline that is include my these and the sources that must be use it in this assignment
Please before contact me read what I want carefully

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