1. Define Ethics. Using your own understanding (from research and textbooks) of what the word meansDo not just cut and paste a dictionary definition.
  2. Describe how ethics will play a part of your future career as a professional and manager.
  3. Find a recent news article (within 7 years) where a business or businessperson was acting unethically. Summarize the article.  Also, highlight exactly what the business or businessperson did that was unethical.  Highlight the outcomes of the business or businesspersons unethical actions.
  4. Attach a PDF copy of the news article to this assignment.  DO NOT LINK TO THE ARTICLE…ATTACH THE ARTICLE!!!!

Total assignment should be 1 2 pages.  Typed (12 font)

You cannot use the Scott London article discussed in class.(https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-kpmg-london-20140425-story.html)

Upload your assignment submission directly to this assignment.

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