Your task this week is to prepare a newsletter which will examine the role of diversity in psychology research and practice. Imagine that the audience for your newsletter includes other psychology professionals. Your newsletter must include two key articles:

Article one will focus on describing: 1) the importance of diversity in the workplace and 2) the importance of cultural competency in dealing with a diverse clientele
Article two will focus on describing: 1) why diversity is important in psychology research, and 2) how diversity is considered in research on your capstone topic/issue. 
Be sure to format your document as a newsletter with figures (such as percent charts, etc.) and appropriate images.

Roberson, Q., Ryan, A. M., & Ragins, B. R. (2017). The evolution and future of diversity at work. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(3), 483-499.

Length: 3-5 pages

References: Include a minimum of 4 scholarly resources.

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