Assignment Overview
Type:Group Project
Unit:Ethics Performance Measures and the Balanced Scorecard
Due Date:6/15/17
Grading Type:Numeric
Points Possible:150
Points Earned:0
Deliverable Length:3 slides with speaker notes of 200250 words per slide
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Assignment Description
Part 1
Your boss recently attended an accounting seminar at which the balanced scorecard was discussed. He has asked you (or your group) to prepare a presentation for the next managers meeting about the balanced scorecard and how EEC might adopt it. In your presentation you (or your group) should complete the following:
Part 2
The President of EEC realizes that the balanced scorecard translates an organizations mission and strategy into operational objectives and performance measures. You received an e-mail from him asking you to include information in your PowerPoint presentation about tying compensation to performance measures. Discuss the following in your presentation:
Including a narrative in word of my part of the assignment

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