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Gasland Part II Questionnaire
1.How much natural gas does President Obama say the USA has in reserve?
2.According to Wilma Subra what has happened to the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem after the BP oil spill in 2010? Does gas production continue?
3.What is termed the Saudi Arabia of natural gas?
4.What is hydraulic fracturing? What method is used for gas extraction?
5.Is fracking included in the Safe Drinking Water Act? Do companies have to disclose what chemicals they are using during fracking?
6.According to the NY Times report how was waste water from drilling being disposed of?
7.What gas was contaminating Dimock Pennsylvanias groundwater?
8.Land owners in Wyoming do not own Mineral Rights. This means the oil and gas companies can buy the mineral rights and land owners have no control over where there is drilling and get no profits from oil and gas extracted from beneath their land. Does this seem fair?
9.Once contaminates like the chemicals used in fracking fluids get into the ground can those contaminates be removed easily?
10.What is your opinion on the following statements?
Theres really absolutely nothing new about this Weve been doing resource extraction at the expense of indigenous populations the entire history of this country Unique to the situation is you got a lot of upper middle class white people with college degrees getting ticked off because theyre being treated the way third world people have always been treated by corporate America. Rep. Lon Burnam (TX)
Three years ago I was a Republican now Im an Independent The things they did they pissed all over us What theyre doing here is the biggest assault on private property rights that Ive ever heard or seen and theyre supposed to be conservatives. Thats one of the founding principles of conservativism is private property rights and you got no private property rights. Not in Texas at least Calvin Tillman Mayor Dish TX
11.What consequence of oil and gas drilling to human health is being experienced by Bob and Lisa Parr?
12.Was construction of the municipal water pipe that would bring clean water to Dimock PA completed?
13.What is Hill & Knowlton? Who employed Hill & Knowlton in the past? Who employs Hill & Knowlton now?

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