On the https://www.ama-assn.org/form/policy-finder website: Scroll to bottom of page and click on accept. Type the insurance name on the search field then click on enter. Enter each of the following terms separately:
1.    A Medicare – filter by selecting Health Care Delivery under Policy Topic.

2.              B – Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – filter by selecting Health Policies under Section.

3.    Once the filter has been applied, answer the following questions:

A – How many policy statements are found?
B – Select two policies and describe how the policy will impact health care delivery for each policy in each insurance.

Medicare (2 paragraph Total)
1. Policy A (1 paragraph)
2. Policy B (1 paragraph)

Childrens Health Insurance Program (2 paragraph) Total)
1. Policy A (1 paragraph)
2. Policy B (1 paragraph)

Support your answer with fact and cite resources.

In Text Citations

APA scholar references

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