Look: I already spent most of my money paying for a deposit for this assignment that I never recievedI need this assignmetn done in 5 hrs. No Plagarizied material that has already been uploaded. I need a helper that can be a amn of they word and not try to over charge me because I have already been cheated.
Complete the following assignment by filling in all pertinent areas of research. You will need to utilize SPSS for this assignment. You may complete this assignment using the variables and topic The Focus on Sucicide. You will then be able to follow this as a guide as well as a check-point with your instructor. It is essential that you read through all of the feedback regardless of your score. You will be required to submit an SPSS output file with this assignment for credit. However you must copy and paste all relevant output data into this document for credit. Throughout the assignment you will see places where your tables charts and graphs can be placed.
You may need to go back through the document to address formatting issues that may shift as you begin to input your data. Points will be deducted for sloppiness. Please treat this as a professional outline used for a proposal. Use a different but legible color font for your responses.

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