Explain a concept of political socialization or public opinion using one political cartoon from the following examples. Be sure to incorporate an aspect of the chapter’s content( Essential Principles of Government) in your post:



(Choose one and include the picture in your post)

Discussion Directions:

You are required to create a post for this discussion topic.  Your discussion post should incorporate one content aspect from the assigned material and should incorporate material from one website research reference.  You are required to include a proper reference citation at the end of the post.  The website where you found the cartoon does not count towards the reference citation requirement. 

Discussion Format:  

The post should NOT be more than 25 sentences and should adhere to proper grammatical and spelling guidelines.  Your post’s content should attempt to conscientiously and accurately contribute to the comprehension of the course material and must include a reference to a relevant website. . Your post must be original and must not be similar in content to another student’s post. 

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