Human Impacts on the Rainforest-Past and Present
Directions: For each time frame below provide the amount of trees per acre and rate of destruction (or improvement if that is the case). Fill in the remaining portions of the chart. Be sure to include at least three academic sources (please do not use blogs or Wikipedia). For maximum points include detailed information include units and include citations.
20 Years Ago
10 Years Ago
Present Condition
Reasons for decline (ex: agriculture logging mining ranching urbanization etc.)
Animals affected by deforestation and current plans to improve numbers
Amazon Rainforest
Australian Rainforest
Congo Rainforest
Now that you are aware of the issues what are some things you can do as a consumer to help preserve the rainforest? Provide at least two examples and use complete sentences.
What are two ways you can help raise awareness for a species that has become endangered due to deforestation? Use complete sentences.

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