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COVID has significantly exposed around the world disparities in many areas including the US where challenges to access were clearly highlighted but also where individuals engaged in “choice”, 

Are we buying “health” in the USA healthcare system? If we are buying it, is health a human right? Or, is it service or good that the privileged to have the assets to can buy? Do individuals have the right to decide to neglect their health (diabetes), the public health (vaccination) or the overall pool of insurance (health provision) for others based on their behaviors and personal actions? Explain and substantiate your answer with data and scholarly resources. 

Consider the definition of health by the World Health Organization, different global models and definitions. For instance in Middle Eastern countries while nationals have access to socialized medicine (or the option to procure private insurance) employers and individuals must carry health insurance of some level on all non-residents in the country. This is a condition of their work visa, their residency card and their ability to travel / exit or reenter the country. Every person must have some level of coverage to reside in the nation. 

Consider UK has extra taxes and laws surrounding fizzy drinks (soda) to curb diabetes and to supply funding to programs that those that have the disease or choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle can access. 

Make sure to make a distinction between health and healthcare services and personal and collective responsibilities. 

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