Vitamin / Mineral Intake Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to determine which vitamins and minerals you consumed in excessive amounts and which you were lacking in your diet. Which foods should you eat less or more of to meet the recommendations?
1. Write a 1 page essay (double-spaced) assessing your intake of vitamins and minerals based on the guidelines that follow. Answer all of the questions listed below.
2. Begin your essay with a brief introductory paragraph about vitamins and minerals provided by the diet. (3 points)
3. Using your original Nutrition Calc+ report from the Diet Analysis Assignment identify any vitamin or mineral for which your average daily intake was less than 75% of the RDA or DRI for that nutrient. (5 points)
a. Briefly describe the function that vitamin/ mineral plays
b. List 3 foods that are good sources of these vitamins/minerals and also have them be foods that you would eat.
c. Do not include the use of dietary supplements as a way of increasing your intake of these nutrients.
*Do this for 3 vitamins and/orminerals (Can choose all vitamins all minerals or a combination) for which your intake is below 75% of the RDA/DRI. (This section will be 3 paragraphs total one for each vitamin/mineral)
4. List any nutritional supplements you use on a regular basis (more than 3 x per week). (3 points)
a. List the dosage of each nutrient in that supplement.
b. Briefly describe your reasons for using these supplements.
c. If you do not take a supplement on a regular basis state no supplement taken
5. Identify any vitamin or mineral (dietary + supplement) for which your average daily intake was greater than 500% of the RDA or DRI for that nutrient. (4 points)
a. Include any additional amounts of these nutrients that you consumed in supplement form.
b. For each of these nutrients describe whether the total food and supplement level you consumed would possibly lead to any toxic or teratogenic (causing birth defects–if female) effects.
c. Describe any toxic or teratogenic effects of over consumption of these nutrients.
d. If none of your nutrients are above 500% you must clearly state that.

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