“In week 4, you have to complete your recommendation report. You should have your results by now and have a plan on how you will work together to analyze them.You need to analyze your results and write your discussion section.From your discussion, you will come up with some recommendations for your client. Remember audience in this section. Your recommendations should relate to the target audience, and should be supported by what you found in the other websites.You need to edit your report. You want the report to sound like one person wrote it. You need the tone to be consistent and the language to not be markedly different.You need to have images in the document. I recommend using screenshots of the different websites. You can include them in any section: results, discussion or recommendations.Finally, you should work on the design of your document. This includes adding the images, using headings, being consistent in font and style. Design does not mean make it pretty. It means make it readable and easy to scan.”Please help me with this project. I need to have recommendation report based on the file attached ( Group A Project Plan) Also please have a look at the other attached files they should help. finally please tell me you can do it in a short time or not very long time.

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