Various countries, companies and individuals around the world have been dealing with the covid-19 global pandemic for over a year now. The pandemic has clearly been causing considerable human and economic consequences, as well as, in the words of many, accelerating adaptations into the digital revolution by 10years faster than would otherwise have occurred. In 750-1000 words and using APA format, explain how has one of the main INDUSTRIES of your Team Innovation been affected by the pandemic?


Regarding the structure, here are some guidelines and recommendations:

Required / Counts as part of word count / Optional(1) Title page (should list the course, Boston University, your name, Professor name, title of the paper, assignment # etc) (Required)
(2) Abstract or Executive Summary as appropriate for the course (optional)
(3) Table of contents (optional)
(4) Introduction (including your main thesis statement) (Required and counts as part of word count)
(5) Main body (separated by headers and sub-headers where appropriate) (Required and counts as part of word count)
(6) Summary/Conclusions (all the key points and conclusions summed up nicely in a paragraph) (Required and counts as part of word count)
(7) Tables, diagrams or figures (optional but integrated into the main text when used) (optional)
(8) References (on its own page) (Required)
(9) Appendices (if you have them, each on its own page) (optional)

Guidelines as explained on the course syllabus:

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