this discussion 1 is for this classTeaching Art and Music in Early Childhood
i need 200-250 words and reference for this class
Adapting Art Activities
this is discussion 2 for this class
Child Welfare and Family
i need 150- 200 for this class
and reference
Discussion Topic
Read and post one primary post for each Discussion topic addressing each of the topics clearly and correctly applying concepts from the course material to support answers. The length requirement for your post is 150 words minimum.
Be sure to make two or more responses to other students on each thread presenting original ideas contributing to the quality of the discussion and meets length requirement (50-100 words for each peer response).
Before answering these questions make sure you have completed the readings for this unit and reviewed the Web Resources.
PL94-142 grants every child a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment possible. However many schools struggle to meet the needs of their students.
Discuss these services and tell us how they compare to what you read in the text and the IDEA website as appropriate services for these children.
Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers.
(When referencing the text APA paper formatting and citation style must be used.)

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