Finalize your paper for submission. Revise the writing to make your work the most effective. Be clear and concise. Make sure all sections including any graphs or diagrams are in place. Proofread the entire paper before submission.Your final paper should have the following sections: Introduction to your selected topic Literature Review add a minimum of 3 new research articles to the seven as covered in Module 4 bringing the overall minimum for this Literature Review to 10 items. Theoretical Framework for the review Analysis of the selected topic including impact of disclosure rules on selected topic Summary of key findings in the literature supporting the topic References Appendices (if any)Your final submission should be a 15- to 20-page scholarly paper with an additional cover page reference pages and addendums or appendices if required. Your paper should reflect current APA standards for editorial style; expression of ideas; and format of text citations and references. Present your paper in a Microsoft Word document format.

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