Community Engagement

You will be designing a presentation for a women’s group regarding the prevalence of heart disease among African American women. Remember, your group will be diverse in educational background and age. Your goal is to create a creative, engaging presentation that will engage all ages and educational backgrounds.

Guidelines for your Project 

  • No less than ten slides + an introduction page and a work cited page ( 12 pages in total)
  • Content should be grounded in research.
  • Be sure to include a prevalence of the disease, including information about the disease and onset, health lifestyle tips/ nutrition.
  • Be colorful and creative ( however, be mindful of color selection)
  • Include Graphs, pictures, and multimedia ( large images imputed to take up space will result in a 10 point reduction per slide)
  • Ensure all links added to your PowerPoint or Google Slides are accessible
  • You will need to submit a written script for each slide, this can be completed in a word document. 
  • Do not use excessively large font for slides. (5 point deduction)

No late submission will be accepted; please verify that your file is accessible.  Submitting the wrong file or a file that is not accessible will result in a grade of 0,  No exceptions. Please do not submit assignments via email; it will not be accepted. Presentation not meeting minimal requirements will result in a 10 point deduction for each missing component.

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