This assignment has 3 parts; please submit all parts on 1 file (it should take around 2 to 3 pages total)

Part 1 – Chapter 4 on the essentials of planning and strategy explains what a SWOT Analysis is. Choose a company from the Fortune 500 () of your choice, research the company and create a SWOT Analysis for them.

Part 2 – After reading Chapter 5 on decision making, creativity, and innovation; think of the kinds of issues that are arising in your simulation game; think of hypothetical examples of real situations that could arise in a real coffee shop and write about solutions you may implement if you were able to. 

Part 3 – Chapter 7 is on Job Design and arranging work. In your own words; explain the difference between Job involvement, Job enlargement, and Job rotation? What is the difference between Job enrichment and job enlargement?

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