1. Using the film; Jonestown, The Life and Death of the Peoples Temple; discuss the following:

What sources factors played a role in the attributions made of Jim Jones by his congregation?
Think about the factors discussed in chapter 13, and the film to answer this question.
Were the attributes made based on internal or external factors?
Where did persons meet Jones. in San Francisco, Ukiah, Indiana?
Where do we meet people today, and what do we take into account when deciding if we want to get to know someone further?
Discuss the role of conformity in this tragedy.
Where did you see conformity occurring in the film?
  Who was conforming, use examples?
What were the reason for conformity, and what brought you to your conclusions?
Why was the level of obedience to authority so high in the Peoples Temple, especially at the end?
What similarities do you see between Jonestown and the Milgram experiment?
How was the foot- in- the door phenomenon used by Jones to get what he wanted from his members?
Do you think a tragedy like this could happen again, why or why not?
Papers should be 3 pages in length, MLA format, 1.5 spacing, well organized using complete paragraphs and be grammatically correct.
Video link: https://youtu.be/tuxdb1pSVe8

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