For the completion of the research proposal, please  the following.

Include an executive summary of no more than two pages formatted properly. Describe what you have learned in terms of the sequence of research projects:

1) Initial client consultation to isolate and develop research objectives

2) Performance of literature search to develop understanding of project characteristics based on client consultation

3) QandA with client combined with literature search for the purposes of developing focus group. Focus group exploratory analysis utilized to further develop understanding essential to the full representative analysis.

4) Using the results of the literature search and focus groups results to develop preliminary questionnaires designed to achieve the research objective.

5) Design and pre-test with client the initial question set. Make necessary modifications are additions.

6) Prepare survey instrument in Survey Monkey for the send out to the sampling frame.

7) Analyze results and prepare final report.

8) Please make note of unforeseen downfalls experienced in project without being derogatory. Indicate this is the reason payment for services are usually obtained in thirds. One third at contract signing, one third at execution of research and final payment upon presentation of data. 

9) Provide a signature page as the last page of the proposal for ECCOVIA to sign accepting the terms of payment and the described research to to be provided.

Update your existing Methodology section to describe intent to develop survey and utilization of survey monkey using the the client’s sampling frame. 

In Appendix, include literature search report focus group question map, and final questionnaire (not survey monkey) the written version.

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