Case Study Research

A final Portfolio Project is due at the end of the course. You will complete a final case studies online. Please read the full Portfolio Project description below to preview your Portfolio Project assignment. 

For the milestone, conduct research on the company you selected. Summarize the company’s products, identity, and organizational culture. What could provide beneficial resources to your selected final project option? Identify any cultural and/or communication barriers that might create challenges. What remedies exist to mitigate these challenges?

The final essay description:

ParkMyCloud—Focusing International Growth Through Strategic Partnerships

Be sure to answer the following questions in your report:

  1. Should      PMC go narrow or broad when it comes to international expansion? Explain      your stance.
  2. In      what areas of the business will PMC need to make investments? Why?
  3. How      should these investments be prioritized?
  4. What      plans does PMC already have for investment?
  5. How      should PMC plan to enter specific countries or regions?
  6. Why      should PMC focus on the areas you suggest now? Explain.

Your paper should be 12 pages long and conform to. Include at least five scholarly references in addition to the course textbook and required or recommended reading. 

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