Question #1 What are the key pollution prevention methods that can alleviate the pollution risks associated with the incineration of medical waste?
Question #2
What regulations govern military munitions waste? When can used or fired military munitions be classified as solid waste?
Question #3
What are the factors involved in selecting a bioremediation strategy at a hazardous waste site? Discuss the two most limiting factors in the use of bioremediation at a site.
Question #4
Discuss the difference between point and non-point sources of land pollution and provide examples of each. What is TMDL and how is it used to protect water resources from land pollution?
Question #5
What is the TRI and what are its main drawbacks? How do you think those drawbacks could be addressed?
Question #6What is the difference between a dump and a sanitary landfill? Describe how landfill gas and leachate can be successfully managed.

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