Students will write a research proposal to fund a survey that pertains to peanut allergies and children. You may pick your audience. Make the audience known to the reader in the beginning of the paper. Please use the material contained in Chapter 8 of your text including the key terms on page 189. Make sure that your proposal answersthe four review questions at the end of the chapter. Use the references on pages 208-209 as a starting point for your research.
Prepare your proposal in MS Word with 1-inch margins on all sidessingle-spacedand 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Do not exceed 3 pages. You must use headings. You can include graphs charts and pictures as appropriate. Upload your research proposal to the classroom assignment tab any time before the due date. All references to source material must be in APA format. UseSafeassign. Read your originality report. Keep your score under 35%. If you have a problem doing so please ask your colleagues for advice or reach out to me right away.
APA Formatting GMU:
APA Formatting Purdue Owl:
How do I format the proposal? Any of these will do. Pick one that you like.
If you find another approach from a reputable source then use it but let me know where you found it.

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