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Theatre is performed by people (and sometimes people manipulating puppets) in real time in front of a live audience.  Theatre often shows aspects of our real lives, and we feel empathy for the characters.  It reflects our culture, our music, the things we find important, and the inner workings of our psyches. 

Did you know that there are many unique kinds of theatre from all around the world?  For this forum, please watch the following clips of theatre performances from places like India and Nigeria.  Then, analyze one of the performances using the knowledge and terminology you’ve gained from Chapter 7. 

Please include the following in your assignment submission:

A. The type of theatre you chose (for example, Kathakali).

B. Stage type: arena, thrust, proscenium, other (please specify what the other type is) 

C. Visual elements you noticed (such as scene design, lighting design, costume design, props)

D. Aural elements you noticed (music, instruments, actors’ voices)

E. Is the play more lifelike (resembling reality) or more theatrical (exaggerated and whimsical) in nature?

F. How does it stimulate your senses?  How does it make you feel?  Which elements contribute to the mood the performance creates?

*A successful written response will correctly utilize terminology specific to this discipline.  Please use no less than THREE terms to analyze your theatre selection.   

Wayang Golek from Indonesia:

Play Video

Wayang Kulit from Indonesia:

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Kathakali Performance from India:

Play Video

Yoruba Ronu Performance from Nigeria’s Western region:

Play Video

Noh from Japan:

Play Video

Highlights of traditional theatre from China:

Play Video

Clips from the musical, “Hamilton,” from the United States:

Play Video

Grading criteria below:

You will be evaluated using the criteria below.

________        Response meets or exceeds the word count requirement (200 words)

________        Response fully addresses the prompt

________        Response represents college level, academic writing

________        Response develops unique ideas and explains personal perspective

________        Response demonstrates an understanding of the material

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