ReadingUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2012). The use of the Internet for terrorist purposes. Retrieved fromHere
Terrorist Attacks on TrainsPublic rail transportation has been a frequent target for terrorism. Three significant terrorist attacks involved well-planned and coordinated bombings of commuter trains: the Madrid Spain rail attacks in March 2004 the London England subway and bus bombings in July 2005 and the Mumbai India train bombings in July 2006. For this assignment choose one of these three attacks and analyze the incident.
Go to the Columbia College Library website and find at least three newspaper magazine journal or government documents about the incident you selected. Briefly describe the incident (in a few sentences per question):
a.) What happened?
b.) Where did it occur (be specific about the details)?
c.) When did it occur (be specific about the details)?
d.) Who did it and why did they do it?
e.) How was the attack carried out?
f.) What were the consequences of the attack?
g.) What are the implications for transportation security in America?
h.) Cite your references in proper American Psychological Association format and include links to the articles.

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