Students have already read The Murder of Emmett Till. Please use that book to compare how the
story of the murder of Emmett Till relates to the story of US history. Use specific examples from
the course and from book. Relate the examples from the course to Till story. Examine how they
are similar and/or different to one-another. Be clear and specific

Begin your paper with an introduction which clearly states your thesis. Note that a thesis
is your main argument. It tells me what you’re proving. An introduction in a paper of this
length should only be one paragraph long.
This is going to be hard. but make sure you tell me your thesis in the
introduction. You might have to add this when editing your paper, that’s ok since
your paper should be well edited. Remember, your thesis should be your
argument, not a fact. So it should state how the Till murder relates to US history.
You want to describe the Emmett Till murder. Make sure that your description clearly
explains the murder in a way which will help you relate it to US history.
This section, which might be a few paragraphs long, should have specific details
trom the hook
Then explain what other facts or events in US history relate to this. Give specifics. Find a
reading which we’ve discussed in class or on Perusall and relate that reading to this
assignment. This section should be a few paragraphs long
Finally, you want a short section explaining how the Till murder and other topic(s) relate
This can be the shortest part of your paper.
You should end your paper with a conclusion. Since this paper is less than five pages, the
conclusion should be short – maybe one paragraph – and it should summarize the
arguments already given. No new points should be included in your conclusion

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