Unit 2 Item 2: The Threat ofBio-terrorismThere has been considerable attention to the threat ofbio-terrorismfollowing the unsuccessfulbio-terrorismattacks byAumShinrikioin Japan in the early 1990’s and the anthrax mailings in the United States in Fall 2001. The threat ofbio-terrorismhas been posed as a major homeland security problem that requires substantial investment to address. This is a controversial topic in many respects as naturally occurring infectious diseases such as influenza tuberculosis malaria and AIDS continue to be major health threats resulting in many deaths each year while few people have died as a result of deliberate spreading of disease.
ReadingSelect two articles that have different viewpoints on the threat ofbio-terrorismfrom the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database
a.) Go to the Columbia College Library website and access the Opposing Viewpoints in Context webpage. Search for bioterrorism. Read the topic introduction on bioterrorism then select two papers that reflect different viewpoints on the importance of preparing for the threat of bioterrorism.
In a few paragraphs summarize the arguments presented in each article. Draw conclusions regarding the seriousness of the bioterrorism threat. Use facts from your reading reference those facts to support those conclusions. Cite your references in proper American Psychological Association format.

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