As a social worker, you will never have the privilege of seeing a client grow and evolve over the entire length of their life. Even if you do work with a client for a long time, you wont witness their evolution firsthand; rather, the client will convey to you what they are experiencing. For the purposes of the HBSE I and II courses, though, you have gotten this front-row seat into someone elses life. You have seen Ray navigate hardship in childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, and now later adulthood. You have seen him find a sense of joy and meaning.

Through Rays case, you can refine your application of human development theories in the context of an aging client who has lived a full life. For this Discussion, you do just that, selecting a theory and examining how it illuminates Rays life.

 Post your application of a theory of human development to Rays life. How does the theory deepen your understanding of Rays experience? How might this application of theory assist you as a social worker engaging with Ray? Finally, what does Rays example tell you about the human spirit, resiliency, and the capacity to evolve?  

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