1. The main purpose of the ID process is to create a positive user experience. The design of a product specifies whether it will leave an impact on the user or not. As a designer, discuss five features you will include in your product design to create different reactions from the user. Provide rationale to support your answer.
  2. Effective product design depends on the concept of usability. Usability of a product is based on six principles. Discuss each principle, and provide examples to illustrate its meaning. Consider the computer system you are using. How will you relate all the six principles with respect to the work you perform on the computer system? Provide rationale in support of your answer.
  3. A conceptual model is the blueprint of a product. This blueprint relies on the mapping of concepts, relationships among the concepts, and metaphors and analogies of the concepts. What is the purpose of a conceptual model in the design process? Provide an example of a metaphor or analogy of any technology you use in your daily life.

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