Discussion Questions:
Remember this is our classroom. After you address this week’s questions you can respond to any post I put in class for your additional posts and you should also read and respond to posts from at least two other classmates. Posting 3 times is aMINIMUMexpectation. Three posts will NOT earn you an excellent grade A. For that you must gobeyondthe minimum expectation.Use outside research sources in addition to the videos and your text book (journals news articles etc. — but NOT Wikipedia). Properly document your sources using APA style in-text references and a reference list.
Visit thetextbook websiteand view the followingPortfolio Managementvideos:
After viewing the videos post your responses to the following questions. You should conduct outside research in addition to watching the videos. (If you are unable to view the videos use news articles websites etc. to support your answers).
You are required to post aminimumof 3 substantial posts each week.
Remember posting the MINIMUM number (3) willNOTearn a 100%. A minimum effort does not warrant that.
Discussion Grading Criteria:
Thoroughly answered all of the questions: 40 points possible
Quality response to at least two classmates and/or Instructor: 30 points possible
References to text and/or other sources: 10 points
Spelling/Grammar at the college level: 10 points possible
Posted on 3 separate days: 10 points
Total: 100 points

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