There is seldom a period when an organization can be complacent. Consumer and industrial organizations must continuously stay current on issues because forces can impact their future. It is the responsibility of the organizations marketing personnel to provide a plan on how to stay current when addressing environmental forces as well as influences.

Organizations need to be prepared to address market perceptions. Addressing these perceptions can be a challenge because there are times when we have our individual opinion about issues, but the market reaction may differ. While we should not ignore our opinions, there are times when we need to set our opinions aside so that we do what is in the organizations best interest. With this in mind please address the topic below.

TOPIC: How should corporations address social issues?

Please read the following:

Disneys clash with Florida has CEOs on alert (Links to an external site.)

This is the same article, but on a different source: (Links to an external site.)

Please respond to the following questions in an essay:

In your own words, please discuss how organizations (not you) should address this issue.
Using specific examples to support your answer.
How will these decisions impact consumer behavior in the future? Be specific. Hint: Be sure to refer to your textbook for guidance.
What can organizations do to gain consumer confidence and boost business? Hint: Be sure to refer to your textbook for guidance.

Consider the following:

Your response should strongly reflect the content you learned in BUS 229 and I will be looking for specific terminology that you learned this semester while in this course.
Please include your name on the document you submit on Canvas.
Submissions should be 2-3 pages (see syllabus for details on format on Written Assignments)
Grammar, spelling, format, organization, flow, and content will be graded.
Please provide a full reference (author, publication name, date, article titles) for any additional references used. Use APA or MLA format.
If you use a Google Doc, then you must make sure it is viewable to me or you will be assigned a 0.

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