You should research a particular area of government or non-profit industry. You should detail how your selected industry or part of the government is affected by the standards that are put in place by the accounting industry. This can be done by finding a number of articles that are related to that industry that address the accounting standards and how they are affecting that particular industry. This paper must be a minimum of five pages in length following APA standards. Cover sheets and bibliography pages do not count towards this minimum.
The performance assessment for all below-listed objectives will be through the submission of a comprehensive research paper.
1.Introduce the students to the Governmental Accounting Standards.
Learning objectives:
1.1 Learn the financial reporting for state and local governments
1.2 Learn how to account for budgets for general and special revenue funds
1.3 Learn accounting for the general and special revenue funds
1.4 Learn to account for other governmental fund types
1.5 Learn how to account for proprietary funds
1.6 Learn how to account for fiduciary funds interfund transactions
1.7 Learn how to construct government-wide statements
2. Introduce the students to Non-profit Accounting Standards.
Learning objectives:
2.1 Learn to account for a private not-for-profit organizations
2.2 Learn to audit tax-exempt organizations and evaluate performance
3.Introduce the students to Educational Accounting Standards.
Learning objectives:
3.1 Learn to account for special purpose entities
3.2 Learn to account for private colleges and universities
4.Introduce the students to accounting for health care providers.
Learning objectives:
4.1 Learn to account for hospitals and other health care providers

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