• A recent and important conversation with Kimberle Crenshaw and others about the importance of using intersectionality to understand better violence directed at minority communities.  

Paper Prompt: 

  • What did you learn and/or find interesting about this documentary/film/podcast?
  • How does it relate to and/or challenge some of the texts and key terms from this week?  ( See specific paper and key term requirements below).

Grading Requirements:

  • Minimum of  four (4)  pages, double spaced
  • Engages with at least three (3) readings from class (remember to use parenthetical citations or footnotes…no works cited required)
  • Engages with at least three (3) key terms
  • Uses evidence from film/documentary AND texts to support insights/opinions/reflections
  • Reflects college-level writing standards (e.g., grammar, syntax, voice, spelling, etc). 

What Does Intersectionality Actually Mean?

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