In today's world of social media and plethora of online content, we all need to learn to communicate messages through concise, fact-based, information using pleasing visuals. Based on readings so far, Carlos Gomez's session, and supplementary research, students will create a visual as an Infographic, Simple Show video clip, or Canva to raise awareness about or propose an entrepreneurial solution to one of the many development, social, or infrastructure issues facing Latin America.

You can choose your issue and country of focus, or generalize for the region.

Part 1-After completing the assigned readings, students will locate 3 other articles from reputable sources such as journals, newspapers, or websites about an issue that interests them and that affects development and the business environment in Latin America in general, or in a specific country of your choosing. The articles may describe the problem or discuss solutions underway that you may add to. Problems and solutions should ideally tie to any of the . From this research, you will prepare an infographic or visual with Piktochart, Canva, or My Simple Show.   (12 points)

You should concisely summarize: 1) the issue and its historical context, 2) why you think it is important to address, 3) the business challenge or opportunity, 4) solutions underway or that you may suggest. Include any references used in its creation. Be creative!

Part II- Your final product will be posted in a group discussion forum where you will tell us: 1) why you chose this particular issue, and  2) where the Infographic could best be disseminated in terms of target audience and affecting change. Each student will comment on a peer’s project that interests them most.   (3 points)

Information on or Another option to describe your issue and solution is using Simple Show htt

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