1. Phase 4 of the Final Project is a proposal to provide a comprehensive security plan for your organization.
  2. As the final step of this proposal, you will prepare a comprehensive Security Awareness and business continuity plan (taking what you did in Assignment 5.3 and expanding upon the summary) that will be used throughout the organization. The plan should address awareness from the perspective of employee expectations. The business continuity plan should address the requirements needed to recover from potential disasters, whether through natural causes (weather, fire, etc.) or a security breach. The paper should be outlined as follows:
    1. Executive Summary/Introduction
    2. Threat Analysis (Assignment 2.4)
    3. Mitigation Strategies (Assignment 4.4)
    4. Business Continuity Plan (Assignment 5.3 was an overview)
    5. Security Awareness Program Plan/Overview
    6. Conclusion
  3. Provide transitions between these six sections. The total length of the paper should be at least 10 pages. You may use graphics or other features within your paper; however, these do not count toward the 10 page total.
  4. Make sure the paper is double-spaced and in  APA format. The paper should have a minimum of five references, which should be cited correctly within the paper as well as on the Reference page using APA format.

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